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Journalist claim he recorded a fleet of UFOs over North Atlantic Ocean

In recent years, the UFO phenomenon has intensified. There are more and more people claiming to have encountered a UFO. Many of these witnesses also come with video evidence. But you have to know that most of these videos are actually hoaxes or simply ultra-secret military aircrafts confounded by witnesses with alien ships. The following…

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An Amateur Managed to Make The Best Video of Area 51 and a UFO

A UFO enthusiast has been able to capture very clearly a UFO that is directly above the famous Area 51 in Nevada. The young man went to a mountain that was very close to Area 51. His real name is Christian and he owns a YouTube channel where he has various discoveries. Everything seemed chaotic…

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An Unidentified Flying Object Broke a Mountain in Antarctica (VIDEO)

This incident could be one of the most credible UFO incidents in recent years. This unidentified flying object collapsed over an Antarctic mountain. It seems the object is still further proof that extraterrestrial life exists. The bizarre UFO collapsing occurred in the Sandwich Islands of Antarctica. It seems that this object has gone a considerable…

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Bright UFOs Chasing Trains All Over The World (VIDEO)

I am convinced that many of you will think about the globular lightning for the first time. But this is not the case. Globular lightenings cannot travel at this speed. The first recording is from a CCTV of a train train passing through Siberia, Russia. The second recording is from a train passing through Novogorod,…

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Huge UFO Filmed Inside A Hangar Looks Back Engineered (Video)

A UFO was filmed inside a military hangar. This video with flying saucer was part of a top secret file that was declassified and made public in the meantime. If in 1992 the American army was working on such a flying saucer, imagine what science fiction is working on now. Watch the entire video below…

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Most Clear Triangle UFO Images You Have Ever Seen

The well-known ufologist and founder of the site exopolitics.org Dr. Michael Salla have recently posted impressive pictures with a triangular UFO. Photos of the unidentified flying object were made in Orlando, Florida at about 1:20 am. The author of these photos is a confidential source of ufologist Michael Salla. He was very scared and did…

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Three Huge Artificial Towers on Mars Were Discovered by UFO Enthusiasts

artificial towers on mars

The most interesting thing about these three towers is that they are positioned in a perfectly straight line. This shows that the possibility that these towers are created naturally is almost zero. Since it began to study, this planet only offered surprises to scientists and astronomers. And the last of these surprises is represented by…

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[Mind Blowing Case] Small UFO Follows Truck and Slows Down Time

The case we are going to present today was sent to us by a reader. He wanted his identity not to be revealed so we would talk about him as Mr. X. Mr. X was a man who lived in North Dakota. He was 47 years old. One evening while he was back from work…

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Very Clear Video With What Appears to be a V-Shaped UFO

v shaped alien ufo

Recently a very interesting video has appeared on the internet. It’s an unidentified flying object flying through the clouds. It was a strange V-shaped ufo. In this case, we can exclude the reflection on the window of light in the house, because this picture was taken out. The author of these photos did not initially…

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UFO Enthusiasts Have Discovered Alien Spaceship Sucking Energy From Our Sun

A mysterious YouTube channel claims that at this moment extraordinary extraterrestrial ships extract energy directly from our sun. This ufology enthusiast has managed to come up with evidence of this shocking statement. He has used the latest images made by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). The UFO hunter said that in those photos taken…

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