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Native Elders From Arctic Have a Terrifying Message For NASA – Moon, Sun and Earth are Changing

The wisdom and experience of native Inuit natives come to help researchers studying climate change. It seems that in the last decade these Inuit elders have witnessed some bizarre changes. At an important summit in Copenhagen, special mention was made of the knowledge gained about climate change. They say that the sun is no longer…

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Did the NASA space probe record trees on Mars?

Recently, NASA released some pictures taken on the surface of Mars. In these pictures you can see structures that look like trees. The images you will see in this article are official NASA images that have not been altered in any way. There is a lot of controversy in the community of ufologists about the…

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NASA Telescope Discovered an Incredible Cross Structure in Center of The Galaxy

Recently, NASA has released some unprecedented images of the center of our galaxy. These images are mind-blowing. It seems that the center of our galaxy is an enormous cross-shaped structure. These images were made by the Hubble telescope. This mysterious structure is also called M51a. What is your opinion about this cross-shaped structure in the…

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