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The Moon is Artificial and Used by Aliens as an Observatory

There have always been bizarre stories about the satellite of the Earth. There is plenty of evidence on the internet and pictures of strange constructions and structures on the Moon’s surface, but these pieces of evidence are being neglected by the mass media and mainstream scientists. Even on YouTube, there are plenty of bizarre video…

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A few million years ago, two reptilian brothers brought the moon into the Earth’s orbit

The human nature always makes us doubt everything we have been taught over time. It seems that one of our great questions is about the moon. Still small we have been taught that the moon is a natural satellite of our planet. However, there is much evidence to the contrary. Many researchers and historians believe…

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Video: Bizarre Object Found in a Crater of The Moon

A very interesting video has recently appeared on Martin Mikuas’s YouTube channel. It looks like the video shows a UFO that landed in a crater on the moon. The shape of the object is too unusual for it to be a natural formation. It seems that in recent years the UFO phenomenon on the Moon…

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