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Leaked Video With Flying Saucer at KAPUSTIN YAR Base, RUSSIA

A few days ago, we received an email from a person who wants to remain anonymous. We’ll call him John. John has attached a pretty interesting video where you can see quite clearly a huge object in a hangar. This object resembles strikingly what we call a UFO. John told Alien Blog that this short…

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Piece of Flying Saucer Crashed in Romania Yesterday Makes The News

A very bizarre incident has happened recently in Romania. A metal piece weighing about 70 pounds fell from the sky and destroyed the balcony of a residential building. This strange incident quickly created panic among the city’s inhabitants. This incident has attracted the attention of ufologists and researchers all over the world. One interesting thing…

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A mysterious stone disk similar with UFO was discovered in China

Many large disk shaped stones were found in China at the beginning of this year. Many scientists were called to come and investigate the “flying saucers”. Scientists said that the disk shaped stones were created in Paleozoic. This means that the ufo stones were made aprox. 300 million years ago. The flying saucer stones were…

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