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There seems to be a much older civilization than all known ancient civilizations

The existence of this ancient civilization is one of the greatest conspiracies that mankind has ever known. To be able to understand the complexity of this conspiracy, you must look carefully into historical books, mythology, extinct ancient civilizations, occultism, even in the history of secret societies such as Illuminati and Masonry. It seems that only…

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Cube Shaped Object Bigger Than Earth Seen Near The Sun

There are telescopes that are constantly filming the sun. Many of these telescopes have managed to surprise something incredible. This is a mysterious cube that has appeared in many recordings of solar activity. This mysterious cube appeared again this year, and ufologists and independent researchers from around the world have noticed three characteristics of this…

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Flat Earther Spent $20,000 to Prove Earth is Flat but Accidentally Proved it’s Round (Video)

In the strangest and most satisfying moment in the history of television, we can see a group of flat earthers who have spent all their money to prove that the Earth is flat. This group has spent about $ 20,000 to build a highly precise laser gyroscope. They hoped with laser gyroscope to prove once…

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