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Astronomer Records Bizarre UFOs Near The Moon – Alien Spaceship or Space Junk? You Decide!

An extremely interesting video recently appeared on the internet. This video was recorded by an experienced astronomer. He used a high-powered camera to film the Moon’s surface with extremely good resolution. At one point, on record, you can see very clearly how some strange objects (UFOs) seem to fly near the Moon. The vast majority…

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12,000 Year Old Discs Proving Alien Life Found in China

A professor of archeology along with his students made a monumental discovery in the Himalayas. The team of archaeologists has discovered a collection of mysterious discs that were 12,000 years old. The 716 mysterious disks were inscribed with so small glimpses that it took a magnifying glass to study them. NASA seems to have experimented…

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Strange Alien Being Appears in Mum Video Chat Footage (VIDEO)

A young mother in the United States had a scare that marked her life. In a usual night, Lori Simmons is in a video chat with her best friend Shana Thomas. Lori had just moved to a new apartment and wanted to show her friend how the apartment is, using video chat. Suddenly Lori’s friend…

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Three Huge Artificial Towers on Mars Were Discovered by UFO Enthusiasts

artificial towers on mars

The most interesting thing about these three towers is that they are positioned in a perfectly straight line. This shows that the possibility that these towers are created naturally is almost zero. Since it began to study, this planet only offered surprises to scientists and astronomers. And the last of these surprises is represented by…

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UFO Enthusiasts Have Discovered Alien Spaceship Sucking Energy From Our Sun

A mysterious YouTube channel claims that at this moment extraordinary extraterrestrial ships extract energy directly from our sun. This ufology enthusiast has managed to come up with evidence of this shocking statement. He has used the latest images made by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). The UFO hunter said that in those photos taken…

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Jade stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico

Locals from a small town near Veracruz discovered very mysterious jade stones. They found the jade stones inside a cave from a forest. These jade stones were actually very complex sculptures describing many humanoid beings with very large heads that were similar to what we call the gray aliens today. Javier Lopez Diaz is the…

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