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Journalist claim he recorded a fleet of UFOs over North Atlantic Ocean

In recent years, the UFO phenomenon has intensified. There are more and more people claiming to have encountered a UFO. Many of these witnesses also come with video evidence. But you have to know that most of these videos are actually hoaxes or simply ultra-secret military aircrafts confounded by witnesses with alien ships. The following…

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Has this guy from Moscow registered a fleet of UFOs?

A guy from Moscow wanted to test his new Nikon P900 camera. This Nikon P900 has a phenomenal zoom, and the first thing the man did was to zoom in on the Moon. The man claims that during filming, he noticed a lot of objects that seemed to have a spherical shape and that were…

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The Skeleton of a Giant Race – Is it for real? Check this video!

An extremely interesting video was recently posted on Luther Millican’s YouTube channel. He claims that Carlos Miguel Alvarado, from the city of Changaminas, Ecuador, has discovered many skeletons of giant people. It seems that the bones were about 7 meters high and were discovered in the Amazon area. According to local legends, this area was…

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Monoatomic Gold – Is The Most Heavily Guarded Secret in Ancient Times

One of the most secret and mysterious substances in the history of Western civilization is ORMUS. The Bible and historical accounts fail to give us enough information about the Ark of Covenant. No one could understand why Ark of Covenant had such destructive powers. Laurence Gardner shows us how Ark of Covenant could manipulate space-time.…

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Has CCTV Recorded a Real Man in Black? Just look at this video!

This video was brought to our attention by a man who claims to be working as a security guard in an area of Alaska. The man claims that he managed to record something extremely fascinating on the surveillance cameras. It is about Men in Black. Men in Black are known for their bizarre and sometimes…

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Astronomer Records Bizarre UFOs Near The Moon – Alien Spaceship or Space Junk? You Decide!

An extremely interesting video recently appeared on the internet. This video was recorded by an experienced astronomer. He used a high-powered camera to film the Moon’s surface with extremely good resolution. At one point, on record, you can see very clearly how some strange objects (UFOs) seem to fly near the Moon. The vast majority…

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