[VIDEO] Huge UFO with the size of a country (2000 miles) was filmed in space

He is Bob Dean a retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major. His career spans about 28 years.

We can say that a person who has had a career in the American military for 28 years can be considered a trustworthy person.

He showed some pictures of an enormous UFO. It was 2,000 miles long.

This UFO was shot in the ’80s. I know this seems absurd, but the same UFO appeared in the Russian Space Program leaked documents.

Bob Dean also told the press that the same unidentified flying object appeared for the third time in 2009 as he was photographed by the Cassini spacecraft.

This object seemed to use some kind of energy and was controlled by some sort of intelligence.

It was estimated that this object was 2000 miles long and 500 miles in diameter.

Below you can see images with this enigmatic object:

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