[VIDEO] Enigmatic Alien Mummy Found in Egyptian Tomb

Today we will talk about a mummy that was found in almost perfect conservation status. This bizarre mummy was discovered right next to the pyramids.

This creature, as if from science fiction films, was discovered by a team of archeologists led by Czech professor Victor Lubeck.

Sour mummies are a very big one. The age of these mummies is about 4000 years old. The researchers concluded that this mummy that was discovered near the pyramids is not human. Scientists have been unable to establish the sex of the mummy. Another interesting detail is that the mummy had no ears at all and the eyes were huge.

The researchers found some bizarre writings on the walls of the tomb where the alien mummy was buried. From these bizarre writings, it seems she was a king’s counselor. She was called Osiront Osironet and this translates to “the star sent from heaven”.

A multitude of interesting objects has been discovered in the grave alongside this extraterrestrial mummy. The tomb of this mummy was located just outside the queen’s grave.

Anonymous sources from the team of archaeologists have reported that a lot of gold objects and objects of unknown origin have been found in the grave of alien mummies made from synthetic materials still unknown on our planet. Also, a bizarre mechanism has been discovered and archeologists are baffled because they have failed to find the purpose of this mechanism.

Our source inside the archeologist team told us he had never seen such strange things in his entire career. And the most interesting thing is that no one could come up with a convenient explanation, other than the fact that this mummy might be an alien.

Most archeologists and scientists who worked on this discovery believe that this mummy was actually an alien that helped pharaoh build this empire, but the Egyptian government vehemently denied this theory.

It is a common practice for the governments of the world to deny the existence of aliens. Perhaps they believe that mankind is not yet ready for such disclosure.

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What is your opinion of this extraterrestrial mummy found next to the pyramids?

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