Top Secret Video with Mission Apollo 20 on The Dark Side of The Moon

After the US astronauts landed on the Moon, they followed a series of missions such as Apollo 12,13,14,15,16 and the last official mission called Apollo 17. However, it seems that Apollo missions to the Moon have not ended here.

Conspiracy theorists believe that there were three more unofficial missions on the Moon. (Apollo 18, 29 and 20). NASA officials said they have shut down the Apollo program because they have already collected a great deal of information from missions on the Moon. This information is sufficient for many years of study and it is not necessary to return American astronauts to the Moon.

However, lately, some videos have appeared on the internet that show some cities in the unseen part of the Moon. Conspiracy theorists believe these videos were recorded in the Apollo 20 secret mission

Here you can see one of the videos recently found on YouTube showing cities on Moon:

Here is another video from Apollo 20:

What is your opinion about Top Secret Apollo missions?

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