The Wreck of an Alien Spacecraft Found on The Moon [VIDEO]

Apparently, during the Apollo 20 secret mission on the Moon, the wreckage of a spacecraft of alien origin was found.

The American astronauts who were part of the Apollo 20 mission discovered within the alien spacecraft the body of a being from another world.

Apparently, it was an extraterrestrial queen or some kind of high-ranking female official.

Shortly after the astronauts found that alien body, they took her to the Lunar module and began to make an autopsy.

The body was in an incredible state of preservation. The age of the mummy has been approximated somewhere in about 100,000 years.

In the video below you can see the wreck of the alien spaceship:

We have another video with the extraterrestrial queen from the moon:

What is your opinion about this case?

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