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Expedition discovers a dimensional portal in Antarctica (VIDEO)

Antarctica was and is a mysterious continent full of ancient artifacts and strange discoveries. It seems that during some research in Antarctica, a strange vortex that is believed to be a dimensional portal was discovered and filmed. The researchers sent a meteorological balloon inside the vortex. The meteorological balloon was equipped with several devices for…

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600 Million Year Old Fossils of Tiny Humanoids Found in Antarctica (Video)

Recently, the fossilized remains of small humanoid creatures have been discovered. The discovery was made in a rocky Antarctic region. This region is near Whitmore Mountain. Very interesting is that this discovery was made precisely by The National Reporter. The National Reporter is an organization that went to Antarctica trying to debunk all the stories…

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[Video] Reptilians & Nordics Are Hijacking Mankind with Antarctica Secret Bases – Naval Officer Said

Since our beginnings, Antarctica is considered one of the most mysterious places on Earth. A naval officer told us he remembered very well how he saw an ice opening in Antarctica. This ice aperture was located in an area where airplane flights were forbidden. This officer said he helped bring back a group of scientists…

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