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CIA Finally Admits That There is Alien Activity On Our Planet

It seems that over the last 20 years almost every day at least one person says he was witnessing a UFO appearance. It is strange, however, that witnesses always have poor evidence or not at all. We all know that flying saucers are always bluer or have inexplicably poor quality. However, over one million US…

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Horrendous Alien Winged Creature Filmed in Nicaragua a Few Days Ago (VIDEO)

A few days ago a very weird and frightening video became viral. This is the first case reported with such a creature. This video is about a creature that seemed to be of extraterrestrial origin. This scary creature was filmed walking on a tree. A trafficked person quickly pulled out the phone and filmed this…

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Dozens of Weird Mummies Were Found in a Tomb Near Pyramids

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered this month a series of burial chambers dug in the rock. These burial chambers were filled with a huge number of mummies of different sizes. These mummies seem to date back to 323 BC. Although their age is so great, these mummies have been well preserved. One of these mummies attracted…

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On March 5, 2019, the planet Nibiru or an alien ship near the Sun

When we talk about Nibiru, the opinions are divided. Some scientists believe that Nibiru is a planet, while other researchers believe Nibiru is actually a huge alien ship. The ancient Sumerian writings tell us about the evolution of our solar system. They talk about the origin of life on Earth. Life on earth would have…

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Three Huge Artificial Towers on Mars Were Discovered by Alien UFO Enthusiasts

artificial towers on mars

The most interesting thing about these three towers is that they are positioned in a perfectly straight line. This shows that the possibility that these towers are created naturally is almost zero. Since it began to study, this planet only offered surprises to scientists and astronomers. And the last of these surprises is represented by…

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UFO Enthusiasts Have Discovered Alien Spaceship Sucking Energy From Our Sun

A mysterious YouTube channel claims that at this moment extraordinary extraterrestrial ships extract energy directly from our sun. This ufology enthusiast has managed to come up with evidence of this shocking statement. He has used the latest images made by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). The UFO hunter said that in those photos taken…

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We Have Photos and Videos With an Alien Skeleton Found in Russia

Fans of paranormal phenomena and aliens are pretty sure they have found a skeleton of alien origin. A team of archaeologists and researchers from the Caucasus Institute of Archeology have discovered a bizarre skeleton. Archaeologists have found this mysterious skeleton near the Russian city of Nazran that is in the Caucasus Mountains. The head of…

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Jade stones describing alien contact found in a cave in Mexico

Locals from a small town near Veracruz discovered very mysterious jade stones. They found the jade stones inside a cave from a forest. These jade stones were actually very complex sculptures describing many humanoid beings with very large heads that were similar to what we call the gray aliens today. Javier Lopez Diaz is the…

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