Real Men In Black Recorded by Surveillance Camera (Video)

A mysterious record has recently appeared on a known YouTube channel in the paranormal domain. It looks like this registration was sent by a security agent to the owner of the YouTube channel.

According to security agent reports, the surveillance room in an office surprised when a mysterious man entered that office. The man was bald, wearing sunglasses and a black suit.

The description of this man is very similar to the description of Men in Black. There would be nothing strange about this recording. But the record shows how the man makes some signs with his hand, and the woman in the office stands up hypnotized.

The woman leans over her backpack and takes a mysterious object she gives to the man in black.

A colleague of this woman reported that she left the office that day barefoot. The Security Officer has promised to personally investigate this bizarre incident.

A few days ago the woman had returned from a vacation. She told colleagues that on vacation she saw a mysterious place in a forest that seemed to be a strange “place of disaster”.

It seems the woman is trying to upload photos with that mysterious place on Facebook just when the black man appeared.

For more details, watch the original recording:

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