Our world is connected through a portal with other parallel realities – San Luis Valley near famous Dulce

It seems not far from Dulce, New Mexico, there is a very enigmatic region. About 50 km from Dulce there is the San Luis Valley. Many researchers who have studied this region very thoroughly believe that this site meets all the criteria for portals to appear.

One of the most common theories is that these portals that appear in the Valley of San Luis connect our world with a multitude of parallel realities. Many paranormal cases have been reported in this region, among which we can list phenomena such as: Bigfoot or UFOs and aliens.

It seems that the government, through counterintelligence officers, is trying hard to destroy the reputation of this spot and eyewitnesses.

American natives have a legend that all paranormal phenomena in the Valley of San Luis are attributed to an alien civilization that currently lives underground. They called this civilization “Ant People”.

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