On March 5, 2019, the planet Nibiru or an alien ship near the Sun

When we talk about Nibiru, the opinions are divided. Some scientists believe that Nibiru is a planet, while other researchers believe Nibiru is actually a huge alien ship.

The ancient Sumerian writings tell us about the evolution of our solar system. They talk about the origin of life on Earth. Life on earth would have been brought here by Nibiru’s attack satellites.

The Sumerians believed that Marduk was the creator of Nibiru. He controlled the fate of all beings on Earth.

The famous writer Zecharia Sitchin believed that Nibiru’s civilization was formed millions of years ago, and Nibiru’s inhabitants created a colony on Earth.

After this advanced civilization from Nibiru seeded life on earth, they continued their journey to other planets where they did the same thing.

Sumerian civilization is the first to discover the 12th planet, which NASA has recently confirmed and said it completes a complete rotation around the sun every 3600 years.

If we analyze the etymology of the word Anunnaki we will see it as “Those whom Anu sent from heaven to Earth”. They were also called Nephilim, “falling on Earth to land.”

What is your opinion about Nibiru? Is it a planet? A giant space ship? Or does it simply not exist?

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