Horrendous Alien Winged Creature Filmed in Nicaragua a Few Days Ago (VIDEO)

A few days ago a very weird and frightening video became viral. This is the first case reported with such a creature.

This video is about a creature that seemed to be of extraterrestrial origin. This scary creature was filmed walking on a tree.

A trafficked person quickly pulled out the phone and filmed this creature that terrified the passers-by.

The mysterious extraterrestrial being seemed to have a large head similar to that of humans and four legs. The creature also had wings.

We can see the wings of the creature when it takes flight to the end of the filming. It looks like this winged alien creature is moving at an unseen speed.

The speed with which this creature moves is much higher than the speed of any animal on our planet. This demonstrates that it could be an extraterrestrial creature somewhere on the earth or even a hybrid from an experiment out of control.

There are a lot of theories about this video, but one thing is certain: this video is real.

Below you can watch the original video of the alien creature:

What is your opinion about this incident?

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