Dozens of Weird Mummies Were Found in a Tomb Near Pyramids

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered this month a series of burial chambers dug in the rock. These burial chambers were filled with a huge number of mummies of different sizes.

These mummies seem to date back to 323 BC. Although their age is so great, these mummies have been well preserved.

One of these mummies attracted the attention of the researchers because he had painted a strange figure that resembles an alien being.

The Ministry of Antiquities said most of the mummies were buried in stone or wood sarcophagi.

There were, however, some mummies that were deposited on the tomb floor.

It is not known exactly what the being is hiding in that sarcophagus but the researchers said they would thoroughly study these mummies and return with an official statement.

I personally am skeptical about this mummy. It can be a simple bizarre painting on that sarcophagus or a very elaborate hoax.

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