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First Heartless Human in The World – He has no pulse

Craig Lewis is a 55-year-old man. His life was threatened by a rare disease called “amyloidosis”. He was admitted at the Texas Heart Institute. This terrible illness was an autoimmune one. The disease implied that the patient’s organs were filled with a sticky protein. Craig Lewis’s fate was almost certain. He was going to die…

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[Video] Reptilians & Nordics Are Hijacking Mankind with Antarctica Secret Bases – Naval Officer Said

Since our beginnings, Antarctica is considered one of the most mysterious places on Earth. A naval officer told us he remembered very well how he saw an ice opening in Antarctica. This ice aperture was located in an area where airplane flights were forbidden. This officer said he helped bring back a group of scientists…

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The Spine-Chilling Nostradamus Predictions for 2019

Michel de Nostredame is the most interesting character in recent history. Also known as Nostradamus, it is the greatest prophet that mankind has ever known. Nostradamus’s fame is due to his book Les Propheties. This mysterious book first appeared in 1555. The 353 quatrains in this book have raised the interest of people because it…

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Piece of Flying Saucer Crashed in Romania Yesterday Makes The News

A very bizarre incident has happened recently in Romania. A metal piece weighing about 70 pounds fell from the sky and destroyed the balcony of a residential building. This strange incident quickly created panic among the city’s inhabitants. This incident has attracted the attention of ufologists and researchers all over the world. One interesting thing…

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[VIDEO] Enigmatic Alien Mummy Found in Egyptian Tomb

Today we will talk about a mummy that was found in almost perfect conservation status. This bizarre mummy was discovered right next to the pyramids. This creature, as if from science fiction films, was discovered by a team of archeologists led by Czech professor Victor Lubeck. Sour mummies are a very big one. The age…

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Dozens of Weird Mummies Were Found in a Tomb Near Pyramids

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered this month a series of burial chambers dug in the rock. These burial chambers were filled with a huge number of mummies of different sizes. These mummies seem to date back to 323 BC. Although their age is so great, these mummies have been well preserved. One of these mummies attracted…

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On March 5, 2019, the planet Nibiru or an alien ship near the Sun

When we talk about Nibiru, the opinions are divided. Some scientists believe that Nibiru is a planet, while other researchers believe Nibiru is actually a huge alien ship. The ancient Sumerian writings tell us about the evolution of our solar system. They talk about the origin of life on Earth. Life on earth would have…

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A Surfer From The Caribbean Recorded UFO Pulsating Over Ocean

A Caribbean man who was surfing had the most bizarre happening in his life: he managed to record a flying saucer that changed shape and pulse over the water. This video is something new in Jason’s life. He has never had a similar experience. While Jason relaxed outside smoking a cigarette, he laughed when he…

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Taught to Believe it Does Not Exist, But We Have Proofs

Since ancient times, people who have been leading the world, corporations and politicians have opposed progress. They have hidden inventions and discoveries about free energy for a simple reason: it does not bring profit. We were educated and brainwashed that free energy does not exist because our planet still has huge reserves of fossil fuels…

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