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CIA Finally Admits That There is Alien Activity On Our Planet

It seems that over the last 20 years almost every day at least one person says he was witnessing a UFO appearance. It is strange, however, that witnesses always have poor evidence or not at all. We all know that flying saucers are always bluer or have inexplicably poor quality. However, over one million US…

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Military Surrounds Crashed UFO in Canada (Video)

A lot of witnesses reported brilliant lights on the sky above the Jackhead Reservation. Jackhead Reservation is located in Canada. Shortly after the witnesses reported to the authorities these shining lights, the military activity in the region intensified. It seems the government has used the army to prevent the public from seeing a collapsed UFO…

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Video: Bizarre Object Found in a Crater of The Moon

A very interesting video has recently appeared on Martin Mikuas’s YouTube channel. It looks like the video shows a UFO that landed in a crater on the moon. The shape of the object is too unusual for it to be a natural formation. It seems that in recent years the UFO phenomenon on the Moon…

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Dropa Stones: The Most Mysterious Artifacts in the World (Video)

In 1974, an Austrian engineer photographed two bizarre circular objects in a museum in China. The Austrian engineer was told that these mysterious discs are called Dropa Stones and that they were discovered in 1938 in a cave. The Chinese government has quickly denied this theory and said everything is a hoax. After the world…

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Moon is an Artificial Alien Observatory Created to Monitor Us

Normally the assertion that the Moon would be an artificial structure would seem mad. A very interesting question would be: Why the Moon sounds like a bell when struck? From the astronauts travels on the Moon, a lot of information has been brought up, but we do not seem to know much about the Earth’s…

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We Have Evidence of Time Travel (Video)

Since ancient times people have been obsessed with time travel. Some abnormalities have been observed over the years. People who appeared in certain periods that were dressed or had technology that was not yet invented. Looks like somebody owns a time machine, but it’s kept secret. In the next video, you can see plenty of…

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Remains of Ancient Alien Laboratory Recently Found In China

A team of Chinese researchers has made a monumental discovery. It is an ancient structure that is so strange and unusual that the alien origin hypothesis has been taken into account. The ruins of this ancient building were discovered in an isolated area of China. In the region, there is absolutely no factory or any…

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NASA Groundbreaking Discovery – Nothing Like This Has EVER Been Captured in Human History

Recently, NASA has made a monumental discovery that will change the way we think. NASA researchers have been able to photograph the most sophisticated object ever explored in history. Last Thule is a planet that is still in the beginning. Strange is the fact that the planet that was previously believed to have the shape…

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