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NASA Space Probe Recorded a “Dome” on Moon Near an Area With Many Alien Structures

NASA’s Clementine space probe helped famous ufologist, Scott Waring, to discover many extraterrestrial structures on the Moon’s surface. It seems that in one of the photos taken by the Clementine Space Probe, Scott Waring has found an enormous doomed city. This domed city was in a crater on the surface of the moon. The material…

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People Shared Amazing Photos of Their Rare Physical Anomalies

1. A child born with same white strand as her mother 2. Strange iris divided in half with two colors 3. A person with six fingers. He has two middle fingers. 4. Some people do not hear with an ear and have white spots on their hair. This anomaly it’s called Waardenburg Syndrome. 5. Mirror…

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There Are Ways to Summon The Shadow People – But this is not recommended

It seems like the history of shadow people is as long as the history of mankind. The greatest occultists in the world believe in shadow people. If you have the right mentality and the right tools it’s not that difficult to summon the shadow people. However, summoning the shadow people is totally different from the…

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Top Secret Video With Cloaking Technology Leaked 2019

A top secret video from Japan was leaked on the internet recently. In this mysterious video, you can see how a soldier disappears into the landscape and becomes completely invisible with a special suit fitted with the latest military technology. When the soldier moves, his contour is noticeable, but when he stays he becomes 100%…

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Teleportation exists! We have video proof!

This bizarre scene seems to have happened in a bookstore. The man in the pictures seems at first to follow something. He stopped when he saw a man in a yellow jacket. Suddenly man simply vanished into thin air. The video shows how other people have seen this teleportation and have been shocked. People who…

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Time Traveler Caught by Security Camera (Video)

A surveillance camera from a US store has surprised a strange phenomenon. On filming, one can see how a young man wearing a hood on his head just goes straight through the closed door of the store. More strange is the fact that the date from footage changes from 2016 in 2019 exactly when the…

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Time Travelers observing World War I?

Agnes Whiteland’s case is one of the most bizarre cases in the history of ufology. The incident occurred in England during the First World War that took place between 1914 and 1918. Arriving on the balcony of the house where he was living, Agnes Whiteland saw a circular metallic platform that simply floated in the…

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Expedition discovers a dimensional portal in Antarctica (VIDEO)

Antarctica was and is a mysterious continent full of ancient artifacts and strange discoveries. It seems that during some research in Antarctica, a strange vortex that is believed to be a dimensional portal was discovered and filmed. The researchers sent a meteorological balloon inside the vortex. The meteorological balloon was equipped with several devices for…

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Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Threatened by Apocalyptic Flood

The Ericson Dam and the nuclear power plant in the area were almost destroyed by catastrophic floods. Water rising and falling rapidly along the Fond du Lac River, as they work to break up the ice jam. Progress leads to moving ice, until it stops, and immediately starts spilling over the banks again. Live updates…

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