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Dinosaurs Lived Alongside Humans! We Have Proofs! (Video)

Since ancient times people have drawn and carved dinosaurs. There is a multitude of designs on the rock describing these creatures. Also, many ancient sculptures of dinosaurs have been discovered recently. If ancient people could draw dinosaurs means that they lived in the same period with these creatures. After Carbon 14 testing, it has been…

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They Landed Somewhere In The Middle East, Then Things Get Really Weird! (Video)

It is said that Anunnaki created advanced civilizations in Sumeria, Egypt, Asia and even in America. It seems that at some point these Anunnaki have exiled their leaders in Scandinavia. In northern mythology, there are many accounts of these alien gods. Watch the video below to find out the fascinating story of these highly advanced…

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Huge UFO Filmed Inside A Hangar Looks Back Engineered (Video)

A UFO was filmed inside a military hangar. This video with flying saucer was part of a top secret file that was declassified and made public in the meantime. If in 1992 the American army was working on such a flying saucer, imagine what science fiction is working on now. Watch the entire video below…

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Lab-grown HUMAN ‘mini-brains’ learned to control muscles

A miniature brain was successfully raised by a team of scientists. The little brain was raised with human stem cells. It seems that this brain has developed its own mind and is trying to send out neural tendrils to connect to spinal cord of a mouse. This brain has tried and successfully succeeded in moving…

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Are We In A ‘Galactic Zoo’ Protected By Aliens? (Video)

Do you think we are alone in the universe? Probably not! In the universe he could see, there were trillions of galaxies. Over the last few years, 50 billion exoplanets have been discovered. However, the same question always arises: If aliens exist, why have they not been shown so far? Today we will analyze the…

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Time Travel PROOF? Time Traveller From 2300 Saw DINOSAURS in The Future (Video)

In this article, you will see a video with a time traveler making some shocking statements. This time traveler gave an exclusive interview to a famous YouTube channel. In this interview, the traveler in time tells us and shows us with his travels in the future and in the past. It seems that on his…

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“Our Ancestors Have Traveled To Space 7000 Years Ago” – Says Iraqi Transport Minister (Video)

The Iraqi Transport Minister recently said that the Sumerians were the first civilization on earth to have the technology needed to travel in space. They even built a very advanced airport for spacecraft with which they could travel through space. This statement was made on Live Television. In addition, the transport minister has made a…

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Giant Human Remains Were Found in a Graveyard in Alaska (Video)

A well-known American zoologist named Ivan Sanderson said an interesting story about a letter he received from an engineer working on the Island of Shemya during World War 2. During a large-scale construction, the engineer and his team have demolished some hills. During his work, he discovered human remains in sedimentary layers. Apparently, they had…

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KEANU REEVES: “The Earth is a prison planet from which we can never escape”

Keanu Reeves is one of the Hollywood celebrities that is frightened by the society we live in. Many of us agree with what Keanu Reeves said, that our planet is indeed a prison from which we can never escape. This is one of the main reasons why we humans should take care of this planet…

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