Antigravity Technology Exists But is Hidden (Video)

The very advanced anti-gravity technology was invented in 1900.

It seems that Nikola Tesla and other famous scientists have created antigravity technologies that could make objects float in the air.

The famous Bob Lazar who worked in Area 51 claims that there have been projects in which the researchers made reverse engineering to the ultra-advanced propulsion systems of UFOs.

John Hutchinson is also a researcher who created anti-gravity technology using very high-frequency currents and extremely powerful magnets.

Nikola Tesla also invented a perfectly functional flying saucer that was propelled by an antigravitational engine.

It seems that this flying saucer of Nikola Tesla has flown successfully.

This invention was confiscated by the American government after the death of the famous inventor. The same fate had all Tesla’s papers and research.

You can watch two very interesting videos about antigravity technology:

What is your opinion about antigravity technology?

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