600 Million Year Old Fossils of Tiny Humanoids Found in Antarctica (Video)

Recently, the fossilized remains of small humanoid creatures have been discovered.

The discovery was made in a rocky Antarctic region. This region is near Whitmore Mountain.

Very interesting is that this discovery was made precisely by The National Reporter.

The National Reporter is an organization that went to Antarctica trying to debunk all the stories about Antarctic UFOs.

The humanoid small-scale fossils have been analyzed and established that their age is about 600 million years.

Our history teaching in schools tells us that 600 million years ago, there was only jellyfish on Earth.

The mysterious fossils were quickly taken to the National Institute of Ancient Studies in Washington DC to be examined.

Watch the video below to find out more about this fascinating breakthrough:

What is your opinion about these fossils of tiny humanoids found in Antarctica?

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